Our holiday farm

  • Panoramic view of the Alps
  • Our holiday farm
  • Our holiday farm
  • View of our gardens

Huberhof was mentioned for the first time in documents as early as 1482. It is located on a hill in the middle of a place named „Osterkam“ and has a wonderful view of the mountains. Being away from busy streets with a lot of space around the house, it is a small paradise for children.
Like everything changes in life, the appearance of the yard has changed too – with love for every detail and a professional attitude, the yard has been consistently reconstructed and renovated. Through custom, traditions, and the modern age - we have tried to keep the unique character of the yard. Visit us and let yourself forget about the stress of the previous days– a certainty with all the comfort, that awaits you in our rooms and apartments. Forget about stress, rush, and pressure!


  • life in the country side
  • watch or help with feeding our young animals - the calves wait for strokes
  • ask everything that you would like to ask.
  • feel the power of our goat "Xaver".
  • ... a „chat“ on the stairs with a countrywoman.
  • ... real customs and traditions displayed at the farm or at numerous parties.
  • Sun lounger in the garden
  • Play chess in the garden
  • Gather flowers
  • Sea of flowers


  • ...many small interesting things around the house.
  • ...flowers, trees and animals in their natural environment.
  • observe deer, hares or hedgehogs during your evening walks.
  • smell the scent of fresh hay and grass. Wonder at the look of mountains after a thundershower.
  • discover your „sport spirit“ while hiking, walking or playing chess in our garden.


  • Let yourself enjoy the taste of a handmade pizza in our wood baking oven or traditional Sunday cakes.
  • Doze on a lounger under the hazel bush or watch the sunlight trough leaves of a tree.
  • In the evenings, sit on a garden bench and enjoy the last sunbeams of the day.
  • Let your day end with a drink.
  • Enjoy peace and quiet at the end of the day.
  • Enjoy your time and activities which you can choose yourself.
  • Baking oven in the garden
  • Sun lounger in the garden
  • One of our cats
  • One of our goats

And for the kids...

  • ... lots of places to play and roughhouse, climb and hide.
  • ... there are a lot of cats to cuddle and to stroke.
  • ... our hares and goat „Xavier“ are waiting for food.

Four generations live and work together on the farm, which has been managed since 2016 as a young cattle farm.

You should feel "at home" in your holiday with us.

We would be happy to see you!

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